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Citadel miniatures Limited is a company that produces figures

Citadel Miniatures Limited is a company which produces metal, resin and plastic miniature figures for tabletop wargames such as Warhammer Fantasy Battle and Warhammer 40,000.

In the past Citadel Miniatures was a separate company but it has become a brand for Games Workshop miniatures.

Although its models are used for the wargaming hobby, the painting of its miniatures (and miniatures in general) is a hobby in itself.

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Warhammer 40000 space marine tactical squad This box contains 10 space Marines
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Warhammer Battle Fok Skull Paint Set 1 starter brush - 10 night nocturnos - 1 strip o 6 paints
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Balrog The Lord of the Rings Scenery, glue and paint not incldes. Contents may vary from those shown
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