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El mundo de las miniaturas y de las escalas es muy amplio, existen muchos artículos o temas a coleccionar.

A parte de los coches, motos, camiones y disponer de soldados de plomo, Selegna Juguetes pone a su disposición otros muchos modelos a escala.

También puede encontrar tanques en miniatura, aviones a...

Otros artículos para coleccionar y regalar

El mundo de las miniaturas y de las escalas es muy amplio, existen muchos artículos o temas a coleccionar.

A parte de los coches, motos, camiones y disponer de soldados de plomo, Selegna Juguetes pone a su disposición otros muchos modelos a escala.

También puede encontrar tanques en miniatura, aviones a escala, barcos y submarinos montados y para montar, vehículos de obras y carreteras.

También replicas de monopatines y bicicletas, motos de nieve y motos de agua.

Figuras de Playmobil, Airgamboys, Lego y Sluban, que harán las delicias de pequeños y mayores.

  • Artículos de Hojalata, como los modelos de antaño que decoraban las estanterías de nuestros parientes más cercanos.
  • También reproducciones de otras temáticas como Mini molinillos de café.
  • El mundo de las muñecas con Barbie y Mariquita Perez.
  • Otros muchos mundos de colección, que tienen cabida en nuestra página web.
  • También diferentes complementos para todo tipo de coleccionista, como libros, fascículos

Los tebeos (comic), tienen un espacio en Selegna Jugutes: Mortadelo y Filemón, Zipi y Zape, El capitán Trueno, El Jabato y muchos otros alegrarán los días a los lectores mas voraces y harán recordar a los más adultos las historias de nuestra infancia o iniciar a los más pequeños en el mundo de la imaginación.

Colecciones del mundo audiovisual con videos y Dvd de varias temáticas, desde las Armas, documentales de época bélica, infantiles o incluso el mundo del humor.

Son productos con ofertas puntuales y que irán apareciendo y que tendrán continuidad a medida que vayamos pudiendo localizar colecciones nuevas o temáticas nuevas.

Puede que hoy busque algo y no lo encuentre. En este caso puede contactar con nuestro email selegnajuguetes@selegnajuguetes.es, porque siempre nos gusta escuchar las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

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Diorama Accesories

Discover the essential accessories to bring your dioramas to life with realism and vibrancy.

Diorama accessories are crucial elements that transform simple models into dynamic and realistic scenes. From miniature figures to decorative details, these elements are fundamental for creating an impressive presentation.

Imagine a city diorama: without the right accessories, the scene appears static and unrealistic. But by adding miniature figures, vehicles, traffic signs, and lights, the city comes alive, with bustling streets and inhabited buildings.

The variety of available accessories is astounding. You can find everything from people and animals to trees, plants, buildings, fences, and signs, each contributing to the creation of a unique and convincing environment.

In addition to the wide range available in specialized model shops, you also have the option to craft your own accessories by hand, allowing you to further personalize your dioramas and add your unique touch to each scene.

Diorama accessories are versatile and can adapt to a variety of themes, from historical and fantasy scenes to science fiction worlds and natural landscapes. With strategic placement, you can tell complete and evocative stories through your dioramas, captivating viewers and immersing them in your creations.

Whether you're recreating epic battles, bustling urban scenes, or serene rural landscapes, diorama accessories are your allies in bringing your creative visions to life. Explore our wide selection and discover how these essential elements can make your dioramas come alive in impressive ways.


The bus, the cornerstone of urban transportation in sizable cities, is one of the most commonly used road transport methods for moving people. Its ubiquity in daily life makes it a recognizable symbol of urban mobility.

In the exciting world of transport miniatures, buses hold a prominent place. There is a wide variety of models and companies offering miniature replicas of these vehicles, turning this sector into a veritable paradise for enthusiasts.

A miniature bus is a scaled-down version of a real bus. These miniatures can serve different purposes: they can be collectibles for adult enthusiasts, toys for children, or models used in dioramas and models. They come in a diverse range of sizes and levels of detail, from simple plastic models to meticulously detailed replicas at exact scale. Some even feature accurately recreated interiors and realistic features that faithfully reflect buses in operation.

For collectors, miniature buses offer an exciting opportunity to capture the essence and diversity of urban transportation worldwide. From the iconic double-decker buses of London to the modern articulated buses of cities like New York and Tokyo, the variety of available models is impressive. Additionally, manufacturing companies often release special editions commemorating historical events or celebrating important milestones in public transportation history.

Miniature buses are not just collectibles; they are also educational tools and decorative items. They can be used to teach children about public transportation operations and the importance of sustainable mobility, or to add a touch of realism and vitality to urban dioramas and models.

In summary, miniature buses are much more than simple scaled-down replicas; they are symbols of urban life and modern mobility, capturing the essence of public transportation in all its splendor and diversity.


The miniature models of airplanes, both civilian and military aviation, constitute a fascinating universe that captures the essence and grandeur of aviation. These precise and detailed replicas are appreciated by collectors, aviation enthusiasts, and professionals in the aerospace industry alike. Here is an expanded description of these incredible objects:

Exceptional Precision and Detail: Miniature airplane models are distinguished by their meticulous design and attention to detail. Every component of the aircraft, from the fuselage to the wings, engines, landing gear, and even the smallest accessories like antennas and lights, is reproduced with astonishing precision.

Variety of Scales: These models are available in a wide range of scales, ranging from the smallest, such as 1:144 or 1:200, to the largest, such as 1:24 or even 1:12 in exceptional cases. This diversity allows collectors to choose the size that best suits their preferences and space requirements.

Construction Materials: Airplane models can be made using a variety of materials, including plastic, metal (usually alloys like white metal), resin, and wood. Each material has its own advantages in terms of detail, durability, and cost, allowing for a wide range of options for manufacturers and enthusiasts.

Diversity of Models: The variety of available models is impressive, spanning from iconic commercial airliners like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 to historic military aircraft like the Spitfire and F-16 Falcon. Additionally, models of specific airlines, display aircraft, and many other variants can be found.

Customization and Specific Details: Some airplane models offer customization options, allowing collectors to choose from different paint schemes, decorations, and specific details to recreate unique aircraft models. This adds an additional level of authenticity and detail to collections.

Accessories and Stands: Many models come with additional accessories such as retractable landing gear, spinning propellers, and detailed cockpits. Additionally, some models include display stands that allow the model to be displayed in flight or in a parked position on the ground, adding a dynamic touch to the presentation.

Collecting and Value: Miniature airplane models are highly valued by collectors and can increase in value over time, especially limited editions or older models. Some well-known brands in this field include Herpa, GeminiJets, JC Wings, and Hogan Wings, among others. The search for rare and exclusive models becomes an exciting adventure for many enthusiasts.

Educational and Display Tool: These models are not only collectibles but also valuable educational tools used in museums, schools, and aviation exhibitions to teach about the history, science, and technology behind aviation. They are a tangible way to explore and understand the principles of aerodynamics, flight engineering, and aircraft design.

In summary, miniature airplanes are fascinating and detailed representations of real aircraft, offering both a rewarding hobby for enthusiasts and an educational and display tool in the aviation industry. Their diversity, precision, and storytelling capabilities make them objects of admiration and fascination for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Scales and Explanations in Miniature Aircraft Modeling and Collecting

Miniature aircraft modeling and collecting is a hobby that fascinates many aviation enthusiasts. There are various scales that collectors use to accurately and intricately replicate aircraft. This article provides an overview of the most common scales and some rarer ones in this exciting hobby.

Most Common Scales in Miniature Aircraft Modeling

  1. 1/72 Scale

    • Description: The 1/72 scale is one of the most popular in aircraft modeling. It offers a good balance between detail and manageable size.
    • Common Uses: Ideal for building extensive collections without taking up too much space. Widely used in military aviation models.
    • Advantages: A wide variety of available models, including military and civilian aircraft.
  2. 1/48 Scale

    • Description: Another very popular scale, especially among modelers who seek a higher level of detail.
    • Common Uses: Used for both military and civilian aircraft, providing a good compromise between detail and size.
    • Advantages: Allows for fine and precise details without being too large for display.
  3. 1/144 Scale

    • Description: Smaller than the previous ones but very commonly used in commercial aircraft modeling.
    • Common Uses: Popular for airline and commercial aircraft models.
    • Advantages: Takes up less space and is ideal for airport dioramas.
  4. 1/32 Scale

    • Description: A larger scale that allows for a very high level of detail.
    • Common Uses: Favored for military aircraft and detailed displays.
    • Advantages: Extraordinary detail, ideal for advanced modelers.

Rarer Scales in Miniature Aircraft Modeling

  1. 1/200 Scale

    • Description: A rare scale primarily used in commercial aircraft modeling.
    • Common Uses: Sometimes used by manufacturers of commercial aircraft models.
    • Advantages: Good for collectors with limited space who still desire decent details.
  2. 1/144 Scale (Variants)

    • Description: Although common in some respects, there are specific and limited variants that can be hard to find.
    • Common Uses: Especially in kits of lesser-known aircraft or limited editions.
    • Advantages: Allows collectors to find unique and rare pieces.
  3. 1/200 Scale

    • Description: Similar to 1/144, but even smaller and less common.
    • Common Uses: Primarily in commercial aircraft modeling in limited space displays.
    • Advantages: Ideal for collectors seeking very compact models.
  4. 1/350 Scale

    • Description: A rare scale occasionally used for aircraft models in naval dioramas.
    • Common Uses: Frequently seen on aircraft carriers and other naval scenarios.
    • Advantages: Allows for detailed dioramas with multiple aircraft in a small area.


Miniature aircraft modeling and collecting offers a variety of scales that cater to the needs and preferences of each enthusiast. From the more common scales like 1/72 and 1/48, which provide a balance between detail and manageability, to the rarer scales like 1/350, which offer unique opportunities for specialized dioramas, each scale has its own charm and utility. Exploring these various scales can greatly enrich the experience of any collector or modeler.


A model ship is an exact and detailed reproduction of a real ship, but in a smaller size.

These models can be used for various purposes, such as decoration, collecting, education or even to compete in regattas. Model boats are usually made from high-quality materials, such as wood, metal, plastic or fiberglass, and can be functional or static.

Some models even include details such as sails, rudders, anchors and other accessories that make them even more realistic.

In addition, there are different types of model ships, from sailboats and warships to cruise ships and fishing boats. These models require artistic and technical skills to build, and can be customized according to the builder's preferences. In short, model boats are unique and fascinating pieces that allow you to enjoy and admire the beauty and functionality of boats in a more manageable and decorative size.


The world of non-motorized two-wheelers is a fascinating universe that shares space in our lives with a wide variety of vehicles. From acrobats defying gravity on their bicycles to the exciting world of competition, the bicycle has left an indelible mark on history and culture, and this is also reflected in the world of miniatures.

The representation of the bicycle in the world of miniatures spans a wide range of styles and contexts. From elegant cruiser bikes that evoke the nostalgic charm of bygone eras to rugged mountain bikes designed to tackle challenging terrain, each model captures the essence and diversity of this iconic mode of transportation.

In addition to traditional bicycles, miniatures also include other types of two-wheeled vehicles, such as high-speed racing bikes and freestyle bikes used in stunts and exhibitions. Each of these miniatures offers a detailed and faithful representation, with distinctive features that reflect the personality and purpose of each type of bicycle.

Whether as part of a miniature collection or as a decorative element in models and dioramas, the presence of bicycles in the world of miniatures adds a touch of authenticity and realism, as well as an emotional connection to the history and passion surrounding this cherished mode of transportation.



Books, records, DVDs and comics, both current and historical. High-quality content in an exclusive selection of essential cultural collectibles. Reference works to have a great time, hours and hours of fun!

The Spanish comic strip, comic or comic is one of the most important comic traditions in Europe, enjoying its golden years in the 1940s and 1950s, as well as a boom between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. For the rest, it has suffered from the narrowness and even crisis of its market, as at present, where its turnover does not reach 6% of the country's editorial production, and only around 10% of it has indigenous authorship and production. .

Historically, its largest production centers have been Barcelona, Valencia and Madrid, in that order, although many of its artists have had to work abroad. Lacking the public aid enjoyed by other iconic arts such as cinema, it can be said, like the critic Jesús Cuadrado, that "chance is a sine qua non condition for the Comic Strip, the Spanish Comic Strip, to manifest and survive."

His career includes such emblematic magazines as Cairo, Chicos, En Patufet, Jaimito, El Jueves, Madriz, Rambla, Pulgarcito, TBO, El Víbora or Trinca; series such as El Capitán Trueno, Cuto, Makinavaja, Makoki, Mortadelo y Filemón, Pumby, Torpedo 1936 or Zipi y Zape, and authors such as Josep Coll, Mauro Entrialgo, Carlos Giménez, Jordi Bernet, Josep Maria Beà, Miguel Ángel Martín, Max, Miguelanxo Prado, Daniel Torres or Manuel Vázquez, including pioneers such as Apeles Mestres.

Its most important event is the Barcelona International Comic Fair and it has a National Comic Award, in addition to a network of around 150 specialized bookstores.


A comic is a sequential art form that combines images and text to tell a story. It is usually composed of a series of vignettes or frames presenting scenes and dialogue, organized in a narrative sequence that guides the reader through the plot. Comics can cover a wide range of genres, from superheroes and science fiction to dramas, comedies, horror stories, and more.
Each panel within a comic represents a specific moment in the story, and the text may include dialogue between characters, narration, or sound effects. Comics also often use visual techniques such as page layout, art style, use of color, and panel arrangement to convey emotion, establish tone, and create visual impact.

Comics can be published in the form of books, magazines, or comic strips, and have been a popular form of entertainment and artistic expression around the world for decades. In addition to entertaining, comics can also be used as a medium to explore social, political, cultural and philosophical issues, offering a platform for reflection and debate.

A book is a set of printed sheets, linked or put together in some way, that contain information, ideas, stories or literary works. These sheets can be made of paper or other materials and are usually bound in hard or soft covers to protect them and facilitate handling.
Books can cover a wide variety of genres and topics, from novels and short stories to essays, textbooks, biographies, reference works, poetry, comics, and much more. They can also be illustrated with images, graphs or photographs to complement the text.

Books are one of the oldest and most enduring ways to transmit knowledge, tell stories, and preserve culture. They have been a fundamental part of education and entertainment for centuries and continue to be an invaluable source of learning and pleasure for millions of people around the world.


A war book is one that deals with topics related to war, armed conflicts, military history or any aspect related to war and its consequences. These books can cover a wide variety of topics, from military strategies and combat tactics to analyzes of historical battles, biographies of military leaders, accounts of soldiers on the battlefield, and much more.
War books can cover different historical periods, from ancient times to modern conflicts, and can focus on various aspects of war, such as politics, military technology, psychological and social effects, among others. Some examples of popular war books include "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy, "Band of Brothers" by Stephen E. Ambrose, "The Longest Day" by Cornelius Ryan, among many others.

These books offer a deep and often exciting insight into military history and the events that have shaped the world throughout

Games Workshop

Games Workshop Group PLC is a British multinational company dedicated to the production of board games and retail modeling. It specializes in publishing wargames, and is one of the largest companies in the world in this field. It is registered on the London Stock Exchange under the symbol GAW.

Guitars of the Stars

Miniatures of the most famous guitars of some of the biggest stars of Rock and Roll. Perfect replicas with excellent finishes and personalized details. Each guitar is accompanied by its original carton that mimics a travel case.


Miniature Helicopters

Discover the collection of miniature helicopters at Selegna Toys. Find detailed and educational models for children and collectors. Shop now and enjoy our exclusive offers!

At Selegna Toys, we offer an impressive selection of miniature helicopters that are perfect for both children and collectors. These detailed models capture the essence and functionality of real helicopters, providing an educational and fun experience. Whether you're looking for a toy for your child or a piece for your collection, you'll find high-quality miniature helicopters that meet all your needs.

Miniature Helicopter Collection

Rescue Helicopters

Miniature rescue helicopters are a faithful reflection of helicopters used in emergency operations. These models come equipped with details like opening doors, functional rotors, and rescue accessories. They are ideal for imaginative play where children can recreate rescue missions and learn about the important work of emergency services.

Military Helicopters

Our collection of miniature military helicopters includes models of combat and transport helicopters used by armed forces. These helicopters are designed with great detail, featuring camouflage, armament, and realistic cabins. They are perfect for military history enthusiasts and model war collectors.

Civilian Helicopters

Miniature civilian helicopters represent helicopters used in passenger transport, news, and other commercial applications. These models often include details such as transparent windows, rotating blades, and detailed finishes. They are an excellent addition to any collection of civil aviation vehicles.

Benefits of Miniature Helicopters

Development of Motor Skills

Handling the small parts and moving components of miniature helicopters helps children develop their fine motor skills. This activity is crucial for improving hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Interactive Learning

Miniature helicopter models provide an excellent opportunity for interactive learning. Children can learn about the different types of helicopters, their uses, and their importance in various industries.

Imagination Stimulation

These toys encourage imaginative play, allowing children to create their own stories and scenarios. This type of play is not only fun but also develops children's creativity and storytelling skills.

Educational Value

Miniature helicopters have significant educational value. They can be used as teaching tools to explain concepts of aeronautical engineering, flight physics, and helicopter operations in different contexts.

How to Choose the Perfect Miniature Helicopter

Age and Interest Level

Consider the child's age and interest level when selecting a model. Simpler models are suitable for younger children, while more detailed and complex models are ideal for older children and collectors.

Quality and Durability

Opt for models that are robust and durable, especially if they are going to be used for active play. High-quality materials ensure that the models will withstand time and intensive use.

Details and Functionality

Look for models with realistic details and operational functions. Rotating blades, opening doors, and additional accessories add an extra level of realism and enjoyment.


Collecting and playing with miniature helicopters is a hobby that offers a unique combination of fun, education, and skill development. At Selegna Toys, you will find a wide range of models that capture the imagination and interest of both children and adults. Explore our collection and find the perfect miniature helicopter that will spark creativity and a love for aviation in your little ones. Shop now and take advantage of our exclusive offers!

Tools & Accessories

Aquí tienes una ampliación:

Para completar con éxito tu diorama o maqueta, es fundamental contar con una variedad de herramientas y accesorios que te ayudarán a dar los toques finales y añadir detalles realistas. Algunos de los elementos indispensables incluyen:

1. Pinceles de diferentes tamaños y formas para aplicar pintura y detalles.
2. Aerógrafo y compresor para lograr acabados suaves y uniformes en grandes superficies.
3. Herramientas de modelado, como cuchillos de modelismo y limas, para esculpir y dar forma a los elementos de tu maqueta.
4. Pegamento especializado para ensamblar piezas de manera precisa y duradera.
5. Masilla para modelismo para rellenar huecos y crear texturas.
6. Pinturas acrílicas, esmaltes y óleos en una variedad de colores para pintar y detallar tu diorama.
7. Pigmentos y efectos especiales, como óxidos y suciedad, para añadir realismo a tus modelos.
8. Plantillas y máscaras para pintar patrones y detalles con precisión.
9. Cables, tubos y otros elementos de detalle para representar de manera realista la infraestructura y accesorios.
10. Vegetación artificial, como árboles, arbustos y césped estático, para añadir vida y naturalidad a tu escena.

Con estas herramientas y accesorios a tu disposición, podrás llevar tu diorama o maqueta al siguiente nivel y crear una obra impresionante llena de detalles y realismo.


Paya is a renowned Spanish brand that has been manufacturing tinplate models for decades. Throughout its history, they have produced a wide variety of models, from cars and motorcycles to trains and mechanical toys. Some of Paya's most iconic models include:

1. Vintage racing cars.
2. Steam locomotives.
3. World War II fighter planes.
4. Tractors and agricultural machinery.
5. Classic motorcycles.
6. Trams and urban buses.
7. Passenger and freight trains.
8. Ships and submarines.
9. Wind-up mechanical toys, such as clowns and animals.
10. Models of historical and fictional characters.

These are just a few examples of the wide range of tinplate models that Paya has produced over the years. Each model is carefully designed and manufactured with attention to detail, making them highly sought-after collectibles for tinplate toy enthusiasts and historical nostalgia buffs.

Coffee grinder

Miniature replicas of coffee grinders

Mini skateboards

Skateboards took to the streets some time ago, the stunts performed with these models almost defy the laws of physics and as an everyday object it has been incorporated into the world of small-scale reproductions.

Constrution, tractor

Construction and Miniature Tractors

Meta Description: Discover our collection of construction and miniature tractors at Selegna Toys. Find detailed and educational models for children and collectors. Shop now and enjoy our exclusive offers!

At Selegna Toys, we take pride in offering a wide selection of construction and miniature tractors. These models are not only fun toys for children but also detailed collectible pieces that fascinate enthusiasts of all ages. Our collection includes a variety of construction vehicles, agricultural tractors, and heavy machinery, each meticulously designed to provide an authentic and educational experience.

Featured Categories

Miniature Excavators

Miniature excavators are perfect for little builders. These models faithfully replicate the features of real excavators, with moving arms, detailed cabins, and functional wheels or tracks. They are ideal for imaginative play and also for teaching children about construction machinery and how it works.

Miniature Agricultural Tractors

Our miniature agricultural tractors capture the essence of tractors used in modern farming. Available in various sizes and styles, these tractors come equipped with features like transparent cabins, rotating wheels, and detachable accessories. They are an excellent way to introduce children to the world of agriculture and rural life.

Miniature Construction Trucks

Miniature construction trucks include a variety of vehicles such as dump trucks, cranes, and cement mixers. These models are robust and durable, perfect for withstanding hours of active play. Additionally, they are an attractive addition to any construction vehicle collection.

Additional Accessories and Equipment

To complement our models of construction and miniature tractors, we offer a selection of additional accessories and equipment. This includes pieces like trailers, agricultural tools, and worker figures, adding an extra level of realism and detail to any construction or farming scene.

Benefits of Playing with Construction and Miniature Tractors

Development of Motor Skills

Handling the small components and moving parts of these models helps children develop their fine motor skills. This is crucial for their hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity.

Interactive Learning

Construction and miniature tractor models provide an excellent opportunity for interactive learning. Children can learn about different types of machinery, their uses, and their importance in construction and agriculture.

Imagination Stimulation

These toys encourage imaginative play, allowing children to create their own stories and scenarios. This not only is fun but also develops their creativity and storytelling skills.

Educational Value

Detailed and realistic models also have significant educational value. They can be used as teaching tools to explain concepts of engineering, mechanics, and the operation of heavy machinery.

How to Choose the Perfect Model

Age and Interest Level

It's important to consider the age and interest level of the child when selecting a model. Simpler models are suitable for younger children, while more detailed and complex models are ideal for older children and collectors.

Quality and Durability

Opt for models that are robust and durable, especially if they are going to be used for active play. High-quality materials ensure that the models will withstand time and intensive use.

Details and Functionality

Look for models with realistic details and operational functions. Moving arms, rotating wheels, and detachable accessories add an extra level of realism and enjoyment.


Collecting and playing with construction and miniature tractors is a hobby that offers a unique combination of fun, education, and skill development. At Selegna Toys

Bases and glass cabinets

Dust protection is an indispensable tool in any collection. If you want to protect your showcase or have a better exposure of them, this is the ideal category.


There are several options for special paints designed specifically for model making, each with unique characteristics and applications. Here are some of the most common paints used in modeling:

Acrylic paints: Acrylic paints are very popular in modeling due to their versatility and ease of use. They dry quickly, are easy to thin with water, and can be applied with a brush, airbrush, or sponge. They are available in a wide range of colors and adhere well to a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, and wood.

Enamel paints: Enamel paints are more durable and resistant than acrylics, making them ideal for surfaces that may be subjected to heavy wear, such as vehicle models or airplane models. They dry slowly, allowing for a longer working time, but require specific solvents for cleaning and thinning.

Oil paints: Oil paints are less common in modeling but can be used for special applications such as weathering and creating weathering effects on detailed models. They dry slowly, allowing for easy color mixing and greater manipulation of the paint on the model's surface.

Metallic paints: These paints are formulated with finely ground metallic particles to create a shiny, realistic finish that mimics real metals such as aluminum, gold, or copper. They are ideal for modeling metallic parts in airplane, car, or other vehicle models.

Transparent paints: Transparent paints are useful for creating special effects such as tinted glass, colored lights, or glossy paint effects. They can be applied over other layers of paint to create layers of translucent color and depth effects.

Fluorescent paints: These bright and eye-catching paints are ideal for models that require vibrant colors visible from a distance, such as traffic signs or railroad models.

Regardless of the type of paint you choose, it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and practice on small surfaces or test pieces before applying the paint to your final model. This will help you become familiar with the properties and techniques of each type of paint, and achieve the best possible results in your modeling projects.

Modeling brushes are essential for achieving precise and detailed finishes in your modeling projects. These specialized tools are specifically designed for applying paint and details to scale models, allowing meticulous control over each stroke. Key features of modeling brushes include:

Fine and flexible bristles: Modeling brushes typically feature thin and flexible bristles that enable precise paint application. This is especially important when working on small and intricate areas of your models.

Variety of shapes and sizes: These brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate different painting techniques and specific needs of the modeler. You can find brushes with round, flat, angled, and detail tips, as well as in a range of sizes from extra fine to thick.

Quality of bristles: Bristle quality is crucial for optimal performance. High-quality bristles maintain their shape and firmness during use, allowing for maximum control over paint application and reducing the chance of leaving unwanted marks.

Ergonomic handle: Some modeling brushes are designed with ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable and secure grip during extended periods of time. This is especially beneficial for projects that require extreme precision and meticulous attention to detail.

Easy cleaning and maintenance: Modeling brushes should be easy to clean and maintain to prolong their lifespan. It's important to properly clean brushes after each use using the appropriate solvent or cleaner to prevent paint buildup on the bristles and affect their performance.

In summary, modeling brushes are specialized tools designed to meet the unique demands of modelers, offering precision, control, and versatility in paint and detail application to scale models. It's important to choose the right brushes for your specific projects and properly care for them to ensure optimal results in your creations.

Pencil sharpener

The Fascinating World of Collecting Miniature Pencil Sharpeners: A Hidden Gem for Hobbyists

Discover the intriguing hobby of collecting miniature pencil sharpeners. Learn why this unique collection appeals to enthusiasts worldwide and how to start your own.

Collecting miniature pencil sharpeners might sound like an unusual hobby at first, but it is a fascinating pursuit that has captured the hearts of enthusiasts around the globe. These tiny tools, often overlooked, offer a rich tapestry of history, craftsmanship, and nostalgia. In this article, we'll delve into the reasons why you should consider starting your own collection of miniature pencil sharpeners and how to embark on this delightful journey.

The Appeal of Miniature Pencil Sharpeners

A Journey Through History

Miniature pencil sharpeners provide a glimpse into the past, reflecting the evolution of design and technology. From vintage models made of wood and metal to modern plastic creations, each sharpener tells a story about the era in which it was made. Collecting these items can be like assembling a miniature museum of pencil sharpener history, with each piece representing a different chapter.

Unique and Diverse Designs

One of the most captivating aspects of collecting miniature pencil sharpeners is the sheer variety of designs. Sharpeners come in countless shapes and forms, including replicas of everyday objects, vehicles, animals, and famous landmarks. This diversity makes each addition to your collection exciting and unique, and finding rare or unusual models can be incredibly rewarding.

Affordable and Accessible

Unlike some collectibles that can be prohibitively expensive, miniature pencil sharpeners are generally affordable. This makes them accessible to a wide range of hobbyists, from beginners to seasoned collectors. Additionally, they are easy to store and display due to their small size, making them a practical choice for those with limited space.

Nostalgia and Sentimental Value

For many collectors, miniature pencil sharpeners evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminding them of their school days or childhood. These tiny tools often bring back fond memories, adding a layer of sentimental value to the collection. This emotional connection can make collecting them even more enjoyable and meaningful.

How to Start Your Collection

Research and Learn

Before you start collecting, take some time to research the history and types of pencil sharpeners. There are numerous resources available, including books, websites, and online forums dedicated to pencil sharpener collectors. Learning about the different styles and manufacturers will help you make informed decisions and appreciate your collection even more.

Set a Focus

While some collectors prefer a broad approach, others choose to focus on specific themes or types of sharpeners. You might decide to collect sharpeners from a particular era, brand, or design theme. Having a focus can give your collection a sense of coherence and direction.

Start Small

Begin your collection with a few pieces that catch your eye. You can find miniature pencil sharpeners at flea markets, antique shops, online auctions, and specialty stores. Starting small allows you to gradually build your collection without feeling overwhelmed.

Join a Community

Connecting with other collectors can enhance your experience and provide valuable insights. Joining online forums, social media groups, or local collector clubs can help you learn more about the hobby, share your finds, and even trade or purchase items from other enthusiasts.

Display and Care

Properly displaying and caring for your collection is essential to preserving its value and beauty. Use display cases or shelves to showcase your sharpeners, and keep them clean and dust-free. Avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can damage the materials over time.

Why Collecting Miniature Pencil Sharpeners is Rewarding

Intellectual Stimulation

Collecting miniature pencil sharpeners can be intellectually stimulating. Researching the history and details of each piece can be a rewarding educational experience. It encourages curiosity and a deeper understanding of the evolution of everyday objects.

Creative Expression

Building a collection allows for creative expression. How you choose to display your sharpeners, the themes you pursue, and the stories you attach to each piece reflect your personal tastes and interests. This creative aspect can be incredibly fulfilling.

Community and Connection

The hobby of collecting brings people together. Whether you’re attending collector conventions, participating in online discussions, or meeting fellow enthusiasts, the sense of community and shared passion can lead to lasting friendships and connections.


Collecting miniature pencil sharpeners is a unique and rewarding hobby that offers a blend of history, art, and nostalgia. It’s accessible, affordable, and endlessly fascinating, making it a perfect choice for both novice and experienced collectors. If you’re looking for a new hobby that combines intellectual stimulation with creative expression, consider starting your own collection of miniature pencil sharpeners. Begin your journey today and discover the joy of this hidden gem in the world of collectibles.

Sluban model

Build your mockup with these little pieces. Little by little you will get a great construction model.


Miniatures and replicas of submarines from history, the hidden war machines.

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Modelo - Model - Modèle - Modell: Vitrina Urna Plástica para coche 1/43 + Pegatina profesional con el...

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Modelo - Model - Modèle - Modell: Vitrina Urna Plástica para coche 1/43

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Fabricante - Manufacturer - Fabricant - Hersteller: HELLER Escala - Scala - Echelle - Mabstab: 1/24 - 1:24...

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10,19 € 11,99 € -15%
Fabricante - Manufacturer - Fabricant - Hersteller: HELLER Escala - Scala - Echelle - Mabstab: 1/24 - 1:24...
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1,94 € 2,99 € -35%
Color: Negro mate - Flat black Referencia: H12 Marca: Hobby Color
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Color: Marrón caoba - Cocoa brownReferencia: H17Marca: Hobby Color
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Color: Amarillo Naranja - Orange YellowReferencia: H24Marca: Hobby Color

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Yellow Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Green Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Violet Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Orange Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Red 8184 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Blue 5003 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Green 6029 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Fuchsia  Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Brown 8007 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Grey 7038 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Blue 5017 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Red 3020 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Blue 8119 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml

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Copper P152 Pinty Plus Spray 200 ml
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Pinceles Pintura Set Tres Pincel redondo 1 - 3 - 5
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Pinceles Pintura Set Tres Pincel planos 1/4 - 3/8 - 1/2 de Pelo de buey de alta calidad
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Pinceles Pintura Set quince pinceles Varias medidas y formas Pelo Natural
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Soldados en Miniatura: Réplicas Detalladas para Coleccionistas

Los soldados en miniatura, también conocidos como figuras militares a escala, son modelos meticulosamente diseñados que representan a soldados de diversas épocas y ejércitos. Estas réplicas detalladas no solo son piezas de colección, sino también herramientas educativas y decorativas que capturan la historia y la esencia de las fuerzas militares de todo el mundo.

Variedad de Modelos de Soldados en Miniatura

En nuestra página, ofrecemos una amplia variedad de modelos de soldados en miniatura, también conocidos como figuras militares o maquetas. Nuestra colección incluye soldados de diferentes épocas, desde la antigua Roma hasta la Segunda Guerra Mundial y más allá. Cada figura está cuidadosamente elaborada para representar con precisión los uniformes, armas y equipamientos característicos de cada periodo histórico.

  • Soldados Antiguos: Figuras que representan a soldados de civilizaciones antiguas como Roma, Grecia y Egipto. Estos modelos destacan por sus detalles en armaduras, escudos y armas, capturando la esencia de las fuerzas militares de antaño.
  • Soldados Medievales: Réplicas de caballeros y soldados de la Edad Media, con armaduras detalladas y armas de la época. Estos modelos son ideales para los aficionados a la historia medieval y las batallas épicas.
  • Soldados de la Era Napoleónica: Figuras que representan a los soldados de las guerras napoleónicas, con uniformes y armas detalladas que reflejan la precisión y el estilo de esa época.
  • Soldados de la Primera y Segunda Guerra Mundial: Réplicas de soldados de las dos grandes guerras del siglo XX, con uniformes y equipamientos detallados que muestran la evolución de la tecnología militar y las tácticas de combate.
  • Soldados Modernos: Figuras que representan a soldados contemporáneos, con uniformes y equipamientos modernos que reflejan las fuerzas militares actuales.

Detalles y Precisión en Cada Réplica

Cada soldado en miniatura ha sido meticulosamente diseñado para replicar con precisión cada detalle del soldado real. Desde los uniformes y armas hasta las insignias y equipos, nuestras figuras en miniatura son auténticas obras de arte que reflejan la maestría y la precisión de los fabricantes. Los materiales de alta calidad utilizados en su fabricación aseguran una durabilidad y realismo excepcionales.

  • Uniformes Detallados: Los uniformes de las figuras están detalladamente pintados y diseñados para reflejar con precisión los colores y estilos de las épocas representadas.
  • Armas y Equipos Realistas: Las armas y equipos de las figuras están diseñados con gran atención al detalle, asegurando que cada pieza sea una réplica fiel de la original.
  • Poses y Escenarios: Muchas de nuestras figuras vienen en poses dinámicas y realistas, a menudo acompañadas de pequeños escenarios que añaden contexto y profundidad a la figura.

Perfectas para Coleccionar y Regalar

Nuestras figuras de soldados en miniatura son perfectas no solo para los coleccionistas, sino también como regalos únicos e inolvidables. Si estás buscando un regalo especial para un amante de la historia militar, nuestras réplicas en miniatura son una opción ideal. Con una amplia gama de modelos disponibles, puedes encontrar la figura perfecta que se ajuste a los gustos y preferencias del destinatario.

Experiencia de Compra Conveniente

Descubrir y adquirir nuestras figuras de soldados en miniatura es una experiencia fácil y conveniente en nuestro sitio web. Nuestro catálogo en línea está diseñado para ofrecerte una visión detallada de cada modelo, con descripciones completas y fotografías de alta resolución. Además, ofrecemos opciones de pago seguras y un servicio de atención al cliente excepcional para garantizar que tu experiencia de compra sea satisfactoria.

Consejos para el Cuidado y Mantenimiento

Para mantener tus figuras de soldados en miniatura en perfecto estado, es importante seguir algunos consejos de cuidado y mantenimiento:

  • Limpieza Regular: Utiliza un paño suave para limpiar el polvo y la suciedad. Un pincel de cerdas suaves puede ayudarte a alcanzar las áreas difíciles.
  • Almacenamiento Adecuado: Guarda tus réplicas en vitrinas o cajas de exhibición para protegerlas del polvo y los daños físicos.
  • Evitar la Luz Solar Directa: La exposición prolongada a la luz solar puede decolorar la pintura y dañar los materiales.
  • Manipulación Cuidadosa: Maneja las figuras con cuidado para evitar roturas o arañazos. Siempre asegúrate de tener las manos limpias y secas al tocar las miniaturas.

Historia y Evolución de los Soldados en Miniatura

Las figuras de soldados en miniatura tienen una historia rica y fascinante que se remonta a siglos atrás. Originalmente diseñadas como juguetes, estas réplicas han evolucionado hasta convertirse en valiosas piezas de colección para adultos. Los avances en la tecnología de fabricación han permitido la creación de modelos más detallados y realistas, aumentando su atractivo para los coleccionistas.

  • Inicios Simples: Las primeras figuras de soldados en miniatura eran simples y rudimentarias, hechas de metal o madera.
  • Avances Tecnológicos: Con el tiempo, la introducción de nuevos materiales y técnicas de fabricación ha mejorado significativamente la calidad y el detalle de las réplicas.
  • Modelos Modernos: Hoy en día, las figuras de soldados en miniatura son altamente detalladas y precisas, utilizando materiales de alta calidad y técnicas de fabricación avanzadas.

Comunidad de Coleccionistas

El mundo de las figuras de soldados en miniatura está respaldado por una vibrante comunidad de coleccionistas. Estos entusiastas comparten su pasión a través de ferias, exposiciones y foros en línea. Participar en esta comunidad puede ofrecer valiosos consejos, oportunidades para intercambiar modelos y la oportunidad de conocer a otros aficionados.


Las figuras de soldados en miniatura no son solo réplicas, sino auténticas obras de arte que reflejan una pasión por la historia militar. Ya sea como piezas de colección, elementos decorativos o regalos únicos, estas figuras son una celebración de la ingeniería y el diseño militar. Explora nuestra colección hoy mismo y descubre la amplia variedad de soldados en miniatura disponibles en nuestro sitio web, perfectos para enriquecer tu colección o sorprender a un ser querido.