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  • Altaya

    The miniature vehicles and figures of this publisher, Ediciones Altaya was established in 1993 as a publisher dedicated exclusively to the publication of collectibles and in 1999, by associating with Editorial Planeta DeAgostini, it became part of Grupo Planeta.
    Surely, based on the number of collections, it could be said that this union has strengthened the number of collections available and the availability of reaching a greater number of collectors with them.

    The Altaya publishing house is a publishing company based in Spain, known for its collections of fascicles and scale models, as well as for its publications on a wide range of topics, from history and science to hobbies and literature.

    Altaya is recognized for its focus on creating serial collections, where customers can purchase periodic installments that include detailed and often illustrated information on a specific topic. These collections are often accompanied by collectibles, such as scale models, models, figures, books, and other items related to the collection's theme.

    One of Altaya's best-known collections is the "Masters of Painting" series, which offers fascicles on famous artists along with reproductions of their works. Other popular collections have included topics such as military history, collector cars, model trains, spaceships, comic book figures, and many other areas of interest.

    In addition to serial collections, Altaya also publishes books and magazines on a variety of topics, from classic novels and children's literature to modeling and hobby magazines.

    Altaya has gained a wide fan base thanks to its focus on the quality of its products and the diversity of topics covered in its collections, making it a recognized publisher in the field of collectibles and serial publications.

  • Citadel miniatures

    Citadel miniatures Limited is a company that produces figures

  • Ebbro

  • Edic. del Prado

    The company Ediciones del Prado specialized in various collections with weekly deliveries.
    Ediciones del Prado is a Spanish publishing house that has specialized in the publication of books on art, classical literature, history, philosophy, and other cultural disciplines. Its catalog ranges from fundamental literary works to specialized texts in art history.

    Among the best-known collections of Ediciones del Prado are "Great Works of Universal Literature", "Great Works of Thought", and "Great Works of History". The publisher has stood out for offering quality and careful editions, with illustrations, comments and annexes that enrich the reader's experience.

    Update from 2001

    Ediciones del Prado was a Spanish publishing house specialized in the publication of literary, historical and reference works, as well as in the publishing of art book collections. Founded in 1987, the publishing house achieved great renown for its luxury editions and its attention to detail in the presentation of its works. They published everything from classics of universal literature to works on the history of art and philosophy.

    One of its most notable collections was the "Library of Great Writers", which included complete works by authors such as Cervantes, Shakespeare, Tolstoy and many others. They also published thematic collections, such as the "History of Art" series and "Great Biographies", which offered a wide range of titles for lovers of culture and history.

    However, in 2001, Ediciones del Prado was acquired by the publishing house Planeta, and has since ceased to operate as an independent entity. Although many of his works continue to be valued for their editorial quality and their contribution to the world of books, the Ediciones del Prado brand is no longer active in the publishing market.

  • Ediciones Cobra

    Cobra Editions are known for their scale models of miniature vehicles. The brand specializes in the production of scale models, especially in the field of classic and sports cars. They have become renowned for the quality of their reproductions and for covering a wide variety of makes and models. Collectors often appreciate the level of detail and precision in the reproduction of small-scale vehicles offered by Cobra Editions.

  • Editorial B

    "Editorial B" is a Spanish publishing house that specializes in the publication of books, especially in the fields of literature, non-fiction and essays.

    Its catalog can cover a wide variety of topics, from novels to popular science books, history, biographies, among others.

  • Editorial Sol90

    The Sol90 publishing house is known for producing a wide variety of miniatures, especially scale models of vehicles.

    It specializes in the reproduction of classic and contemporary vehicles in the form of high-quality, detailed miniatures.

    Their products are often appreciated by collectors and modeling enthusiasts for their attention to detail and precision in the reproduction of vehicles. Sol90 offers a diverse range of miniatures spanning different eras and styles of vehicles, from sports cars to utility vehicles.

    Additionally, they often release limited editions and special collaborations that attract the most dedicated fans.

    If you are interested in learning more about specific Sol90 products or their history, it might be helpful to search their official website or collector forums where their most recent products and releases are discussed.

  • Ertl

    Ertl is an American toy and collectible manufacturer, primarily known for its scale models of agricultural vehicles and machinery. The company was founded in 1945 by Fred Ertl Sr. in Iowa.

    Over the years, Ertl has produced a wide range of toys, including detailed replicas of tractors, trucks, cars and airplanes, as well as action figures and other products.

    Their models are popular with collectors and agriculture and heavy machinery enthusiasts.

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